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256 West Patrick Street,
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Sol Yoga at The Grand
20 W. Washington Street,
Hagerstown, MD

52 West Main Street,
New Market, MD

We're in the process of upgrading our classes software (Mind Body Online), so keep your eyes open for some new features that make it easier to find your classes!

Newbie Options

Contrary to what you might think, yoga is truly for everybody.
With Sol Yoga’s 3 easy options, you can start anytime.

With over 50 classes each week and three locations, you have options!  From easy gentle yoga all the way up to hot and sweaty vigorous yoga and speciality classes like Aerial yoga too, you are invited to any and all classes. Read about our levels pick one and join us.  Drop in classes range from $5-$20 and there’s even a donation only class.  What are you waiting for?

This introductory membership is a superb way to get your yoga feet wet!  With over 50 regular classes each week at three locations, you can enjoy a variety of classes and teachers and decide what works best for you and your life. This is a one time purchase only. Purchase online now or come into the studio. Your 30 days begins when you arrive for your first class!

1 private session, and 1 regular class. Meet with one of our certified teachers and experience A one on one private session catered specifically to your needs. We’ll get you off on the right foot and you’ll be ready to enjoy a group class. $135 value for just $99. Purchase the ‘GET ME STARTED’ package online now and we’ll email you to set up your first session. One time introductory offer only.



General / Newbie FAQ’s

Do I need to pre-register?
No, just drop in for any class, anytime.

What Do I need?
Nothing really! You can purchase a mat at the studio, or you may rent a studio mat for $1. Ultimately it is much more hygienic to use your own, so please plan to buy a mat. Bring an empty stomach or eat very lightly before class. It’s always nice to have water, which can also be purchased at the studio. You do not need a cell phone. We won’t use them in class, so please leave yours in your car or turn them off.

What do I wear?
Something comfortable that allows movement. No shoes or socks necessary. There is a place to change at the studio.

What can I expect?
A new experience! It’s not hokey or weird, or anything that you need to prepare for, just come. Please plan to focus on your own practice and leave your competitive spirit at the door. This is not a sport or an activity you can master in the first session, so be respectful of your body and its limits.

What time should I arrive?
If it is your first time, please arrive 15 minutes early to get signed in. Otherwise please try to be on time and set up your mat without disturbing others who may be enjoying a few quiet moments before class. If you are late, please come into class quietly, take a few minutes to leave the outside world behind and then join in. Should you need to leave early, please let the teacher know before class begins.

Where is the Studio?

Where do I park?
If you are attending an evening or weekend class at our downtown Frederick location, feel free to use the parking lot behind the building. During the day, please park on any of the surrounding streets.  New Market Studio parking is on the street. Hagerstown studio offers easy parking beside the building.

What if I’m not flexible?

That's great! You are a perfect candidate for yoga, no matter what your condition, age or ability. If you have an injury or ailment, please, please let the instructor know before class, so they can help you modify.

What type of yoga is right for me?
There are many different types of yoga and teaching styles. They range from very restorative, gentle and slow to quite vigorous and challenging. Try different classes and teachers to find the approach that suits you best!

Yoga Myths

Yoga is a religion
Yoga instructors aren’t ordained, they’re certified.
They are not baptized or asked to confirm any specific belief system and neither are students of yoga.
All a student is ever asked to do in a Sol Yoga class is breathe. 

You must be vegan or vegetarian to practice yoga.

You’ll never be asked to give up any particular food group to practice at Sol Yoga.

You have to understand Sanskrit to take a yoga class.

Yoga poses do have Sanskrit names, however they also have English names as well.  Sol Yoga instructors use both when teaching so that you can learn something new but still follow along.

Yoga only gives you a good stretch, not a good workout.

That depends on the class that you attend.  All Sol Yoga classes will give you a good stretch; however our flow classes can definitely be considered a “workout”.  Try it for yourself and see what you think!
Yoga builds heat. Don’t be surprised if you sweat during our classes. Please dress appropriately so as not to be uncomfortable.  We have towels for rent and water for you to purchase as well.

All yoga classes are the same.

There are numerous styles and types of yoga. Because of that the biggest gift you can give yourself is to take advantage of our $25 2-week new student program.  For first time visitors only, it is a cost effective way to try as many class as you want, which allows you to experience various styles and practice with different teachers to see what class best resonates with you.

Prenatal Yoga FAQ’s

Am I far enough along in my pregnancy to begin prenatal yoga? This is something to discuss with your health care provider, but we have women in all stages of pregnancy attend our classes.  The benefits of yoga can help alleviate a lot of the concerns, worries as well as aches and pains of pregnancy at any stage.

Should I have prior yoga experience?
 It’s not necessary and the class is open to all levels.  Many women are indeed new to yoga and it’s a great time to begin your yoga journey.

How should I dress and what should I bring?
Just dress comfortably and bring a mat if you have one.

Do I have to pre-register? How long is a session?

Please do pre-register for this class.  Each class is 75 minutes. You can purchase 1 or 10 weeks at a time.  If you end up with leftover sessions, you can use them for other classes post pregnancy including mommy & me or any of our adult classes. Additionally, if you run out of classes a few weeks prior to delivery of your baby, just drop in for $18.  Follow this link to purchase classes now.

Are non-pregnant yogis allowed to come too?
Yes, feel free to bring a buddy or a spouse along with you. They will enjoy the stretching and breathing too.  Drop in rates apply ($20)

I have been practicing yoga for some time, can I continue to attend normal classes or should I switch to prenatal classes — and when?
Enjoy your regular class as long as it works for your body and your schedule.  You will want to make your teacher aware of your pregnancy and modify certain poses. If you can, drop into a prenatal session or two to learn about the dos and don’ts so you can integrate modifications into your regular practice with more confidence.

Kids Yoga FAQ’s

Can I participate in the kid’s class with my child or should I drop them off? Kid’s classes are for the kids! Parents can enjoy a break in the lobby while sipping a cup of tea and listening in, a simultaneous adult yoga class (when offered), or you can just drop off your kids and run your errands!

What if my kid doesn’t like it?
We tell our adults to try 3 yoga classes before deciding it’s not for you and we suggest the same for the kid’s classes! There are so many things we cover, and classes can be very different from one week to the next. That said, we are flexible and want you and your child to be happy. The Sol Babies & Sol Tots five class series will be valid for six weeks in case you miss one and would like to make it up. For the Sol Kids classes, the Little Sol’s 10 class flexipass is valid for four months. You have the option to apply any unused portion to a Family Yoga class, or, upon request, we can transfer the left over credit to the adult’s account and you can use it for yourself!

Can we just drop in or do we need to pre-register for a series? 
Kids classes are series based classes offered several times during the year.  With registration for the full series you receive many benefits: assurance of a place in the class, discounted rates, built in flexibility to complete all classes and the continuity of an entire series of lesson plans. If you are aware of a date your child cannot attend, we are happy to pro-rate the cost of the series.  Additionally, we give you an EXTRA week to participate in a make-up class if you do miss one unexpectedly.  We do offer a drop in rate of $12 per class if there is space available.

Do I sign up my child under my name? No, if you are registering online, you must register your child in our system and buy the session under his/her name. Do this for each child individually. The exception is Sol Babies & Sol Tots, for this class, register under your name. If there are any questions about registration, we are happy to help you through it.  Just call 877.SOL.YOGA or email us

How old does a child have to be to come to a regular class with me?
Our kids classes are geared toward ages 11 and under. If you are confident your 12 year old can be quiet and focused during a 60 or 75 minute class, you are welcome to bring them along. We find that it’s helpful to set yourself up a mat or two away from your kid so there is less temptation for chatting. Please check in with the instructor prior to class. If you are not sure they are ready, consider registering your pre-teen for ‘kids’ yoga class to teach them the basics first.

Is there a discount for siblings?  Yes, for 10% off of your second or additional kids, visit our studio for registration, this cannot be processed online at this time.

Web Scheduler FAQ’s

What is MINDBODY Scheduler?
Sol Yoga has a great online tool to help you secure your space in the class you want, register for a workshop, buy a pass online and check your account to see how many classes you have left and when they expire.  Since our MINDBODY Scheduler runs on “real time” you can also check to see if classes were canceled due to inclement weather and view upcoming holiday class schedules. 

Quick Tips:

  • Reservations can be made online 30 minutes or more prior to class
  • Cancellations received 30 minutes or more prior to class will be credited back to your account
  • Cancellations received less than 30 minutes prior to class and no shows will be charged to your account
  • Please continue to check-in at the front desk, so we may verify your arrival or your space may be given away
  • There will be drop-in spaces available for all classes; only a percentage of spaces are available on MINDBODY Scheduler.
  • Reservations or cancellations cannot be made via phone and are only applicable online
  • Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes early; yogis’ arriving after class begins, even if pre-registered, may not have space or be able to join due to safety and courtesy concerns.

How do I use it?

Click on this link to create your account (if you’ve been to one of our classes, you’re already in our system you just create a login and password)!

Does the class I register for come off my pass?

Yes.  Your pass will be charged one class for each class you register for through MINDBODY Scheduler; just as if you were signing in at the studio.  You may view your account history and class pass status under “Account Details”.

What if I don't have any classes left on my pass?

You can either buy a new pass or you can pay for a drop-in with a credit card through the secure site (student/senior flexi-passes are available only in the studio).

How far in advance can I sign up?

Reservations are taken up to 30 minutes to class beginning.  You may also sign up weeks or even months in advance and view your schedule under “My Info”/ “My Schedule”.

What happens if I can't make it to class after I've registered?

If you cancel 30 minutes or more prior to the beginning of class, your pass will be credited for that class.  If you cancel less than 30 minutes prior to the beginning of class your pass will be charged.  If you do not cancel and opt not to show up for class, your pass will be charged.  Cancellations and registrations must be made via MINDBODY Scheduler; we cannot take these over the phone. If you have not arrived by the time class begins, your space may be given to another, waiting yogi. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

Can I just walk into class if I register online?

Please stop by the ck-in desk and let us know you are here; we still have to mark you “present”.

What if I don't have internet access, can I call my reservation in?

We cannot take reservations for class over the phone, so plan to arrive early to secure your space as a drop-in.


CLASSES & EVENTS: if there is a change or cancellation to a class or event due to weather, the class will show as canceled on our web scheduler and there will be a message posted on the website & the 877.SOL.YOGA phone line no later than 90 minutes before the class or event.  STAY TUNED!


Full refunds will be happily issued if your space can be filled with someone from the waiting list.  If your space cannot be filled, be sure your cancellation is received 24 hours prior to the event for a credit toward future classes or workshops within 4 months. Cancellations less than 24 hours before event or no shows will not be refunded. To ensure proper processing of your cancellation, please email


In the event of a medical issue or emergency which prevents you from participating in yoga classes, Sol Yoga is happy to extend your classes for up to 1 year from the date of purchase, or transfer them to another person for use.  Otherwise, flexipasses expiration dates are firm. No refunds or extensions will be issued.  See specific policies regarding online registration for individual classes through our webscheduler.


Registration for all series classes will include an additional week beyond the length of the scheduled session for you to use up your classes.  This will enable you to make up a class should you miss one.  Additionally, we are happy to pro-rate the registration fee if you know ahead of time that you will miss a specific date.  No additional refunds or extensions will be issued.


Full refunds will be happily issued If you cancel 24 hours in advance. Cancellations less than 24 hours before event or no shows will not be refunded. To ensure proper processing of your cancellation, please email>

Benefits of Yoga

Please read abouth the benefits of Yoga.

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